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About us

To date, the company «ORIGINAL COLORMIX» is one of the leading manufacturers of paints and coatings production in Central Asia. The company uses technology based on German standards developed specifically for nanoparticles. Employing highly-skilled specalists, every year the company introduces the latest recipes of best quality of paints. Raw materials and products, which are part of each of our products, have nanoparticles which enhance the quality of products. The number of products manufactured in the company «ORIGINAL COLORMIX» accounts for more than 50 different kinds of paint and building materials.


The company «ORIGINAL COLORMIX» produces a variety of high gloss semi-finished and finished enamel paints for various purposes with different brands, as well as more than 10 types of color enamel PF-115. 

The company provides a wide range of:

- Enamels

- Varnishes,

- Water-dispersion paints,

- Primers,

- Drying oils,

- Dry mixes (grout)

- Callers,

- Solvents and diluents.


Besides the above paint materials company «ORIGINAL COLORMIX» produces construction materials, paint tapes with different sizes and spacers for laying tiles.